Our Products

With our extensive local and worldwide sourcing and distribution agreements, we are able to offer you the widest product range of specialized cables.

Central to the Lonspeare SA commitment to quality, is that every product that leaves our premises goes through the following quality checks

  • Every drum of cable gets re-drummed
  • The length of the cable is checked and is as per the order.
  • The printing and metre marking are consistent.
  • The quality and diameter of sheath complies with specifications.
  • Samples are taken to check that the construction of the cable is correct in every aspect – cores, pairs, colours, screens, armouring etc.
  • Good quality cable drums are utilised and these are all painted and slatted to prevent any damage during handling and transportation.
  • All drums are clearly labelled showing the customer name, order number, description, specification, quantity and drum number.
  • A Test Certificate is supplied for each drum of cable on request.
  • You have full traceability on any cables that you receive from us

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