Excellence In Specialised Cables

A leader in supplier of quality instrumentation, control, power, data, and communication cables.

Over 38 years of excellence in specialised cables.

Lonspeare SA was founded in 1983 and, over more than 38 years in business, the company has built a reputation as the centre of excellence for the supply of quality instrument, control, power, data, communication, fibre and other specialised cables.

We hold Level 1 BBBEE certification and an ISO 9001:2015 accreditation as part of our ongoing quest for excellence.

Our sole focus is to be the centre of excellence for our clients by providing them with tailored solutions for all their copper and fibre optic cable requirements.

We operate throughout South Africa and the greater Sub-Suharan region.

We have extensive local and worldwide sourcing and distribution agreements that enable us to offer you a comprehensive range of specialised cables.

The sectors which our expertise and products cover are :


Paper & Pulp / Steel / Cement / Food & Beverage


Fire Alarm / Security / CCTV

Renewable Energy

Wind Turbines / Photovoltaic / Solar


Telecommunication Networks – Wan / LAN / IT Networks / SAN / FTTX

Non-renewable Energy

Oil and Gas / Petrochemical / Power Plants / Thermal and Nuclear /Power Transmission and Distribution

Transportation Networks

Aerospace-Military / Airport & Power Infrastructure / Material Handling / Railway Networks / Rolling Stock / Shipbuilding – Navy / Automation

Our Vision And Mission

We are continually striving to be the Centre of Excellence in the industry and to establish ourselves as your No.1 specialised cable supplier.

We do this by being driven to provide industry leading products, solutions, service and quality.

This is facilitated by:

  • Our highly motivated and trained people
  • Our unequalled technical expertise
  • Our unwavering commitment to quality
  • Our industry leading stock holdings
  • Our impressive logistics infrastructure
  • Our continual quest for excellence

Integral to our quest for excellence has been our ongoing efforts to enhance our BBBEE scorecard. August 2021 Lonspeare SA carries a Level 1 BBBEE certification, with the following as key credits:

  • Level 1 Overall BBBEE Rating
  • 135% Procurement Recognition Level
  • 51% Black Ownership
  • 46% Black Female Ownership
  • Compliance with all Sub-Minimum Requirements
    • Including maximum points for Skills Development as part of Lonspeare’s way of giving back by developing emerging talent
  • Empowering Supplier

Our LEVEL 1 BBBEE rating means that we positively impact at least 18 points on your procurement scorecard.

Expertise – Lonspeare has an enviable and well-earned reputation of being the cable experts. This is reinforced by our combined 200 years of experience in every aspect of cables, their design and their applications.

This means that you at all times have the cable industry’s centre of excellence available to you for all your requirements – from the smallest order to the biggest project – we are your supplier of choice!

Looking for quality cabling to meet your needs?