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Lonspeare Specialist Cable Suppliers

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S P E C I A L I S T   C A B L E   S U P P L I E R S

Lonspeare Specialist Cable Suppliers SABS


Our main business emphasis is in the marketing and distributing of copper and Fibre optic cables, cutting across all manufacturing sectors such as:

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- Instrument
- Eziflex
- Solar
- Mining
- Pull Key
- Leaky Feeder
- Profibus
- Power EMC Cables

- Low Voltage
- Medium Voltage
- Transmission
- Silicone

- Signalling
- Rolling Stock
- Airport Lighting
- Material Handling

- Telephone Indoor
- Telephone Outdoor
- Blown Fibre
- Hybrid/Fibre
- Fibre -  Indoor/Outdoor
- Microducts
- Coax
- Patch Cords  Fibre

- Alarm
- Data
- Patch Cords Copper

Energy Cables Industry Cables Transport Cables Building Cables Communicaton Cables Lonspeare Products

    Instrumentation Cable

    Control Cable

    Thermocouple Cable

    Solar Cable

    Mining Cable


    EMC Cable

    Power Cable


    Silicone Cables

    Overhead Transmission Cable

    Signalling Cable

    Rolling Stock Cable

    Airport Lighting Cable

    Material Handling Cable

    Telephone Cable

    Blown Fibre

    Fibre Optic

    Coaxial Cable

    High Temperature Cable

    Fire Alarm Cable

    Data Cable

    Patch Cords - Fibre


    Patch Cords - Copper